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Submariner 16800
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This is one super rare find: - COMPLETE PACKAGE - ALL ORIGINAL
(Original 'correct' Boxes, Chronometer certificate,
very rare GREEN dot 1000ft anchor, hanging tags)

I am a collector and an enthusiast. I have this complete all original 16800 for sale since
I just bought 16660 SD that I was after for a while.

However I want you to know that this watch is "VERY" unique:

WHY ? 

Not only the package is complete - I have a watch with 
DOUBLE OPEN PAPERS !! - no name and no date filled out. 
Thi sis VERY rare for a vintage piece. .....a collectors dream !!

Bought it from an original owner less than 2 moths ago who had is since day one
and had it serviced 4 times since he bought it.
(I have many other watches and wore this one only once since I bought it
when it when to my watchmaker for authentication. I have since decided
to sell it as I found 16660 SD that I actually wanted all along.

This is one fine watch and a very rare find
(Complete package with totally OPEN papers) that does not come by every day.

I can provide more information if necessary (as well as my contact info. and payment arrangements).

Price: $4495  SOLD !!

I am located in the US (FL) but I have a way of delivering the watch outside of the USA  without paying Duties or Taxes)

If you think its high you can see a similar piece (NOT with open papers) is selling for about $6000 on

Go under "Vintage Rolex"  - 3rd item from the top #328

They had also a complete 16800 (item #328) and price was listed as POA (you had to contact them)
When I did - They emailed me a quote of 3500 ($6100 US dollars !)

THEN.......just a few minutes after that - they sent me a SECOND e-mail and informed me that the watch is already on hold and the web site was immediately changed from POA to ON HOLD.

The good news is that with soaring prices of vintage pieces - you know that you will be always able to get your money back at this price - if you decide to sell and go for something else in the future.

Thank you for looking.
Feel free to e-mail  or call with any questions (however - the price is FIRM as I know that sooner
or later the watch will sell at asking price and I have 'no urgency' to sell.)

Milos 727-365-2266 or WatchFan1@hotmail.com

Personal checks (subject to clearance), Money order, Wire as well as Paypal e-Check OK (no additional fees). Paypal via credit card is fine as well, if you are OK to pay additional 2.9%.

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3035 -  since 1977 it was considered to be the work-horse of most men's perpetual Rolex watches. 
It could be found in Datejust, Submariner, Sea-Dweller & others until the introduction of caliber 3135 in 1988.

Instructions Manual Booklet.

Jewels: 27
Beats per Hour:  28,800
Beats per Second:  8
Introduced in:   1977

Caliber 3035     Picture by Hannes

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