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Models & Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches

Pictures of models by professional photographer - Chung Lee      www.ChungLee.com
jennyweb1680.jpg (64191 bytes) jennyweb16520.jpg (50853 bytes) jennyweb6265.jpg (33676 bytes)
Red Submariner 1680 SS Daytona 16520 SS Daytona 6265
jennyweb116519.jpg (35939 bytes) suzeweb1675.jpg (48412 bytes)
Red Submariner 1680 WG Daytona 116519 SS GMT 1675
jennyweb16520bw.jpg (27214 bytes)
 WG Daytona 116519 SS Daytona 16520 WG Daytona 116519
 SS GMT 1675 SS Daytona 6265  GMT 16710

SS SUB 1680 SS Daytona 116520 Sharon Stone and Submariner 16110
Red SUB 1680 PN Daytona 6265 SS Daytona
. WG Daytona 116519 .
   SS Daytona 16520 Sharon Stone and Submariner 16110 Hottie & her Explorer 114270

Another hottie & her Explorer 114270 Not sure which Sub . - but it looks great  ;-)  WG Daytona 116519
bikini_daytona2.jpg (85264 bytes)

bikini_daytona.jpg (81035 bytes)
TararReidHungOver_wearing116520w.jpg (113994 bytes)
Brad Pitt wearing SS Daytona SS Daytona (unknown TZ author) Tara after few drinks
Brad Pitt wearing SS Daytona Paul Newman & Daytona Paul Newman & Daytona
R. Moore as J. Bond wearing Submariner 5513 R. Moore as J. Bond in "Live and Let Die" R. Moore  wearing GMT 1675
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