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Rolex Internet Discussion Forums


   - NewTurfers

Vintage Rolex Forum
Rolex Forums
   - Rolex Forum by Jocke

   - TimeZone Rolex Forum
   - TimeZone Vintage Rolex Forum

   - Animal House by JW
Rolex Internet Buy / Sell Forums

   - WatchTalkForums
   - Watchnet
TimeZone Sales Corner
   - NewTurfers
Equation Of Time

   - Rolex Forums
   - WatchUseek

Rolex Reference Information
   - Rolex Model Numbers & Matching Calibers
- Rolex Self-winding Movements Information
   - Rolex Age by Serial Number
   - Rolex Country Codes on Warranty Certificate
   - Rolex Dials & Bracelets

   - Codes on Rolex Bracelets and Clasps
   - Rolex Security Features
   - What is C.O.S.C ??
Patek Philippe Internet  Forums

Purists Patek Philippe Forum

- Horomundi Patek Philippe Forum
- Patek Philippe - Factory Web Site
 -TimeZone Patek Philippe Forum

Rolex "how to" articles
   - Jocke's tutorial on changing of the bezel insert
Hannes' tutorial on changing of the bracelet

   - How to pronounce those fancy watch words

  - Rolex Advertisement 1    - Rolex Advertisement 2

  - Rolex Booklets

Rolex Price List (2006 Canada): Page1  Page2

Rolex Articles and reviews
   - How OLD is your Rolex - Serial numbers
Advice on US Customs for returning Residents

   - Rolex Advertisement in Magazines

   - Calibers matched with various models
   - Country codes on the Chronometer Certificate
Various milestones in Rolex history

Rolex  - Models & Celebrities
   - Rolex - Models & Celebrities 1

   - Rolex - Models & Celebrities 2

Other Rolex Hobbyists' Web sites

   - James M. Dowling´s ROLEX Webpage
   - Jocke's web site with wallpapers and reviews
   - Hannes' Oysterworld
   - by Michael Derrick
   - Rolex Reference Page by J. Holbrook
   - by Mikael
   - - The Rolex Collector

   - Page about Vintage Submariners

Rolex Photos & Wallpapers

   - Jocke's wallpapers
   - Hannes Wallpapers
Digital Clock

Rolex in the News

   - "Rolex practices evolution not revolution"

Rolex in movies
   -  Rolex in Movies

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