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Watch Fans Get-together - Tampa - Nov. 15th 2008

Just a brief reminder to my all friends and watch aficionados:
Our 3rd annual Tampa GTG (get-together) of watch collectors is coming soon:
Hope you are not busy on SAT Nov 15th (3-8 PM).
You do not have to be a collector. If you just like watches - this event will be a lot of fun !!
FRIDAY (Nov, 14th 2008):
FYI, many people are coming in from out of town on THU or FRI and we are going to have a little
pre-GTG party in one of the beach bars on CLW beach FRI night !
We are starting to meet at 4:30/5PM for a casual dinner and drinks
Be on time...Sunset is at 5:30 !!


SATURDAY (Nov. 15th - The Main Event:)

Come and join us and if you are lucky you can go home with a free BALL watch or Orbita winder !!
Again, we will have some nice door prizes and some lucky WIS will go home with a free BALL watch & ORBITA winder,because of the continuing support from those great companies. These GTGs are very special because of the support of our sponsors. I would like to thank Jeff Hess and the rest of the crew from Ball Watch USA for their continuing supportof all of the GTG as well as Watch Talk Forums. John Brozek will be there as well with his goodies and his Rolex book and local Rolex dealer (Avantgold) will bring to show us a nice Rolex collection. Avantgold will donate also some door prizes....and most
importantly provide us with off duty police officer for our protection ! !

More details here:

Several people committed verbally, but please - E-MAIL ME (if you have not done so yet)
I have created a dedicated folder in my mail box for this and email is the only way for me to keep
track of potential attendees and plan for the space properly.
PS: All the necessary details will be e-mailed the week of the event
PSS: As some of you know the restaurant in S. Tampa that holds this event for us is normally closed on SAT afternoon.
They are accommodating us by opening early. Obviously they do this in hope of some business during the time they are
normally closed. In order to promote their business we will require that every person will purchase at least a  meal and 1 drink.

We will have a choice of 4 dishes - salmon, chicken, snapper, & shrimp.
The price (collected at the door) will
be only $30 and will include:
 - entrée with salad and desert, choice of 1 beer or 1 glass of wine (or coffee and other nonalcoholic beverage)
......and will also INCLUDE tax and tip ! Considering you will be there for 4+ hours - it's only reasonable.
As you can see, they offer fine dishes in we are actually getting  a nice package deal.
Looking forward to receive an e-mail from you and see you on SAT in South Tampa.
It is IMPORTANT that I will receive e-mail if you are coming.
PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND E-MAIL ME with the total number in your party !
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