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Watch Fans Mini-Get-together - Basel Apr. 12 / 2007

CharlesN, Harry from UK & Milos meet in London for few days in advance.

Heathrow Arrival Heathrow Arrival Got my Baselworld 2007 ticket
Teddy, me & Winston...chillin' still chillin' & "talking watches" (Ted wants Patek) London Rolex Service Center
London Eye, Big Ben, Bus & Phone Booth Big Ben in the background Tower Bridge
London from Kenwood Park The Gherkin London Eye
Parliament & Big Ben Daliesque clock by London Eye London Eye & Londoners relaxing
My new wrist watch (little heavy ;-) Tower Bridge Big Ben & Parliament
Typical Cream Tee @ 4 (no crust on bread) The "Tee" location (spot Charles' wife) Tower Bridge - which one is Charles? ....;-)
Charles is angry - AD is closed today Wembley Stadium Harrods Department Store
Typical London Taxi Krispy Kreme in Harrods !! Harrods - Egyptian Room
Harry said his girlfriend would not mind.... Check out the sign Piccadilly Circus - London's "Time Square"
Patek anyone ? Those Brits enjoy cussing.... I said...they do cuss a lot ;-)
Geneva - Tuesday April 10th 2007
It starts already at the airport JLC & Vacheron Watches everywhere
Bling....eeeew..that's hirible Patek boutiqie $1Million Patek - Sky Moon Tourbillon
Star Caliber 2000 set Celestial ref 5002 Perpetual Calendar & minute repeater 5074
Pair of $120,000 5004 Skelton perpetual calendar & minute repeater Geneva Skyline
Milos & Charles enjoying great time Antiquorum Rolex Vintage at Antiquorum
Rolex Vintage at Antiquorum Rolex Vintage at Antiquorum Patek Naviquartz at Antiquorum
2 Pateks getting sun tan Lunch was tasty.... .....and the desert was yummy also
Geneva Skyline AP boutique Patek Museum
Patek Museum Patek Museum Patek Museum
Toy Store Rolex Boutique Modern & Historical
Geneva Downtown Milos dreaming about 5960P Charles learning to read
Enjoying coffee Love this watch Nice atmosphere in the plaza
You know THIS is Geneva More of nice Geneva Skyline Leaving for the Airport
For pictures from Baselworld 2007 - PLEASE CLICK HERE
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