Do not miss the FUN weekend in Manhattan:

 FOURTH Annual NYC GTG - May 15th 2010, 3PM - 8PM

( ! ! This is a non- commercial and non-profit event ! ! )


 This event is open to watch fans of ALL brands and participants of ANY watch forum !


4th Annual Watch Fans Get-together - New York City 5/15/2010

As at all previous 7 GTGs (4 in Tampa, 3 in NYC), we will have some nice free door prizes.
Some lucky winners will go home with a beautiful Orbita multi-winder or a brand new BALL watch !!

Here are just few of the nice door prizes that were donated by some of our sponsors.
Every attendee will get FREE raffle tickets for drawing of similar excellent prizes.


If you would like to attend our next GTG in NYC on May 15th 2010, you will need to pre-register and
confirm your reservation with a $52 deposit payment via PayPal. ($50 actual deposit & $2 PayPal fees)

IMPORTANT: Please note that it takes Paypal 3-5 days to transfer the funds to my bank account
after I request the transfer from Paypal. Since I will need to take everyone's deposits with me up to NYC,
I will need to close out the online registration via PayPal on SUN May 10th at 11 PM.

How to register after SUN May 9-th, 2010, 11PM EST:
If you will be reading this after 11 PM on SUN May 10th  2010 and are interested to attend this
event, please call me immediately on my cell phone (10AM till 10PM EST) & I will give you instructions and directions over the phone and you can register directly at the event on
SAT at 3PM and pay the full registration fee at the event
(including tax & tip it is $100).
My cell phone is 727-365-2266.
Even if you attended the previous events and you where
the location is - you have to call me beforehand as I need to give the establishment
the exact number of attendees before the event starts.

The entry fee is $80 and it covers unlimited (including top shelf) drinks, beer & wine as well as unlimited
food for 5 hours (with NY Sales Tax plus Tip =
the total fee that the restaurant collects is $100)
Unfortunately, the price is the same if you are drinker of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Considering it is on SAT and in Manhattan - unlimited drinks & food for 5 hours - this is in fact a bargain,
especially since it covers the rent of the private room, unlimited food, unlimited drinks, tax & tip.

I know of many places charging about $50 per person just to secure the event meeting room
 and NOT including ANY food or drinks. (Plus...this establishment worked out great for us last 3 years !)

After making your reservation and paying the registration, you will be responsible for for the
balance ($50) at the day of the event and pay it "in cash" directly to the establishment, upon entering the event.
PLEASE BRING CASH and smaller bills if possible
as this will greatly speed things up at the front door where
the restaurant staff will be collecting the funds to cover the balance. The restaurant normally accepts
the credit cards, but due to the setup of our room - they cannot accept credit cards at the entrance to our event.

Unbelievably, someone had the nerve 2 year sago accusing me that I organize these events to make a profit.
I can assure you that I do not make a dime and in fact a spend MANY hours of my personal time
to organize these event between booking venues, obtaining security or talking to vendors etc.

My only goal is to bring together watch enthusiasts from around the world and have fun together ! It is really that simple ;)

As every year, we will be also be "watch shops hopping" on FRI as well as having lunch
or doing some other fun tourist activities.
However, the fun begins on THU night as many of us fly-in from out of town!!!

Please make your $52 'deposit' via PayPal to:
(This is a separate Paypal account I have setup specifically for GTGs.)
Due to PayPal fees I will be able to withdraw only $50 .
Please bring another $50 in person to the event.

Deposit must be by paid by SUN May 9th, 2010 11 PM EST.
You must call me if you want to register after SUN May 9th, 2010: 727-365-2266

PLEASE note that for security reasons the exact location of the event in Mid Manhattan
 on SAT May 15th, 2010 , will NOT be published on any public watch forums and it will be
only to those that are registered within the last 2-3 days prior to the event !

Any questions, please e-mail me at:
I am looking forward to meet some old as well as new friends in NYC !!


Note: The main event will be on SAT May 15th 2010. However, most of us out-of-towners will be arriving to NYC on THU (or FRI). We will be staying again in Holiday Inn Midtown on 57th St.
It is not the Ritz or Waldorf Astoria, but is clean, reasonably priced, with decent size of rooms (for New York) and very centrally located (walking distance to MANY watch shops on 57th St.)
Plus  - we had a blast at their nice hotel bar for several nights last THREE years ;-)

Please call Hotel reservations department directly at:
 212.581.8100 or 800.231.0405
and mention GROUP CODE: XWC
HERE are ALL details about our discounted GROUP RATE.


Previous NYC GTG group shot FUN at the hotel bar.... ...we had a LOT of cool door prizes
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                 Pictures & reports from our previous gathering in NYC  - May 2009 here

Pictures from our previous gathering in NYC  - May 2008

.........Via Canon lens of a very good photographer from Ohio:___ HERE __ by Harry - from UK: ___ HERE ___
 ......or as seen by one of our visitors from Germany:___HERE__


Pictures from our previous gathering in NYC  - May 2008 here



If you want to read about how much fun we had in 2007, read these two reports !

2007  report by WatchFan1 - Click here.        2007 report by Harry - Click here.

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